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What Causes Exposed Roofing Nails on my asphalt roof ?
Furnace Maintenance
Free Negligent Referral Protection for Real Estate Agents
stop and think, buying a home is often the biggest invest you will make


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What Causes Exposed Roofing Nails on my asphalt roof ?

Have you noticed nails popping through your shingles?If so, it’s important to get them fixed as soon as possible. In fact, shingle nail pops are one of the most common reasons for roof leaks.A nail pushing through shingles means a broken shingle, and the more nail pops, the greater the chances of a roof leaking. Holes in shingles will lead to water damage inside your home.What Causes Exposed Roofing Nails on my Asphalt shingles One of the most common materials for residential roofs .Durable, lightweight, relatively inexpensive, architectural— asphalt makes a great, beautiful roof.


 Subterranean termites are the most damaging insects of wood. Their presence is hard to notice, and damage usually is found before the termites are seen. Prevent infestations because if they occur, they will almost always need professional pest-control service.

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance
Many property inspectors look for and report on indications of delayed 
maintenance. Furnace maintenance is a very important part of the efficient 
operation of a warm-air heating system. Furnace maintenance should never be 
neglected. The furnace manufacturer provides recommendations for proper 
maintenance in their installation and operation manuals. With proper maintenance, 
the life of the furnace will be extended, its efficiency will improve, and the cost to 

Free Negligent Referral Protection for Real Estate Agents

Free Negligent Referral Protection for Real Estate Agents
InterNACHI is so sure of its inspectors that it will indemnify any licensed real estate agent in an amount up to $10,000 if a third party successfully sues the agent for negligent referral of an InterNACHI inspector.  This protection is offered at no cost to agents who register. 
This is how the program works:
The agent must be a licensed real estate agent or broker in the relevant jurisdiction at the time of the referral.

stop and think, buying a home is often the biggest invest you will make

Most real estate agencies work on an average commission of 6% paid by the seller of the property. On a house selling for $350,000 there is a potential commission of $21,000. In most cases the realtor(s) involved will recommend a particular home inspector to a prospective buyer, in most cases a list of three is given out. So just who are these recommended inspectors? How did they “qualify” to get on the “approved” list of the agent? Is the agent recommending a thorough unbiased inspector or is the agent promoting someone who will help protect their $21,000 commission?

deal killers

The derogatory phrase “deal killer” is often used by real estate agents to describe independent home inspectors who give buyers true and accurate information concerning the homes condition in a home inspection report, which may lead the buyer to renegotiate or to look at other properties. Many real estate agents view independent home inspectors as a challenge to their ability to generate income. They view these “deal killers” as foes instead of peers and will use a number of tactics to try and control the home inspector selection process to make sure that the prospective buyers do not retain an independent home inspector.

Do you know about the importance of an inspection?

Do you know about the importance of an inspection?
As a buyer, you are entitled to know exactly what you are getting. Don’t take anything for granted, not even what you see or what the seller or listing agent tell you. A professional home inspection is something you MUST do, whether you are buying an existing home or a new one. An inspection is an opportunity to have an expert look closely at the property you are considering purchasing and getting both an oral and written opinion as to its condition.

Things to look for

1. Termites and other live-in pests: The home you've fallen in love with may also be adored by the local termite population. The sooner termites are detected, the better. The same goes for other wood-devouring pests like powder-post beetles. Keep in mind that getting rid of the intruders is just the first step. Once the problem has been addressed, have a pest control expert advise you on what needs to be done in order to prevent their return.

2. Drainage issues: Poor drainage can lead to wood rot, wet basements, perennially wet crawlspaces and major mold growth.
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