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Our company is based on the belief that our clients' needs                         are of the utmost importance. 
                Committed to meeting those needs. 

                      John E.C.Stanley CMI CPC
                           Certified Master Inspector® 
                                 Certified pest Consultant class 7d
                    President of New Mexico pride chapter of internachi

All CMIs have agreed to submit to periodic criminal background checks.

All CMIs have completed at least 1,000 fee-paid inspections and/or hours of training and education combined.

All CMIs have been in the inspection business for at least three years prior to becoming Board-Certified.

 All CMIs abide by the inspection industry's toughest Code of Ethics.

All CMIs have completed professional education prior to being approved.

                                                    The Best.                                                                              Not everyone can become a Certified Master Inspector®. 
                                  Hiring a CMI means hiring the best.


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By: Suzanne Sandoval, Buyer
The provider literally inspected the home from the very top to the very bottom. He identified anything that could be a potential problem and pointed out things that were done right. Not only did John show up about 30 minutes early (before me (I'm the buyer), my dad, my buyer's agent, and the seller's agent) - he got to work straight away and we found him on the roof taking pictures and making notes before the appointment even started. From introductions to good-bye's John was absolutely professional, thorough, and took great care to document any and everything in the house that could potentially be/become a problem. It was a full house with all of the people there for the inspection and John took it in stride, patiently explaining anything we asked in laymen terms. John was honest and did not sugar coat anything. You can tell he takes pride in his work and wants what is best for his client, even if that means delivering bad news on a property. I appreciate this honesty and know that having someone look out for your best interests is a relief in the home buying process. I am waiting for the report but don't expect it to take long as other reviewers have noted. Based on everything John went over, it should be a much more thorough report than that provided by the seller. I'm so glad we decided to go with Entropy Concepts LLC to perform a second inspection. I have a better piece of mind going through the home buying process after getting John's expert opinion. Needless to say, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ENTROPY CONCEPTS LLC to anyone purchasing a new home, anyone preparing to sell a home, or to a homeowner that wants to know the condition of their home. The entire experience with Entropy Concepts LLC was excellent. My buyer's agent was impressed with John's thoroughness and my dad could not stop complimenting how well John, "Knows his stuff." This is my first home purchase and I don't know much about homes but learned a lot from the inspection and feel confident moving forward with my buyer's agent and John's inspection and recommendations. One last thing, Entropy Concepts LLC is a local, family-owned business which I always prefer over a corporation. Using local business is good for the economy and comes along with better service. Monica, who helped me schedule the inspection and set up reminders to my iPhone (I still don't know how she did that, lol) is a pleasure to work with also. Bottom line, if you want a thorough, professional, top to bottom home inspection at a reasonable price by a highly competent inspector - go with John from Entropy Concepts LLC.
Suzanne Sandoval
Entropy Concepts LLC
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